Sunday, August 17, 2008

9.4 Released

TM1 9.4 has officially been relased and is available for download.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Administrator Dashboard: Active Users

Tracking active users is a basic task an administrator need to do.  The file cleverly uses wingding font, conditional formatting, and TM1 control cubes to provide a clean quick update on active users* and each users license.

This spreadsheet should work for everyone, the only think that needs to be modified is entering the appropriate TM1 Server Name on the server tab

*Active user does not work on 9.1 SP2 +, but I anticipate that on the 9.4 release that the active user status will be reinstated.

Click Here To Retrieve File

-The foundation of this design was derived by D Turner, the author of TM1-pedia.

Monday, June 30, 2008

TM1 Tipz Resource Page

I have launched a new site similar to sharepoint that I plan to store files I reference and to help in collaboration in anyone needs it.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Administration Development

We all have learned that TM1 is a FANTASTIC tool. You can use it for near anything, models, data warehouse, dashboards, etc. I am also sure management has kept you busy developing these items for the business. You created to sophisticated tool for the users that work great, but all of a sudden the server falls over and you have no idea what happened! Now you have to spend hours looking at log files, look at the limited data in the control cubes.

Here is the problem that has plagued most of us TM1 administrators. The tool is so good you spend all of your time making the system better and better for the users and no time on developing administrative tools to support the system that is the backbone to your company.

In post to come I plan on sharing ideas on how build a robust TM1 Administrator Dashboard to monitor and track system performance that will provide insight to answer problems quickly or even setup alerts to prevent them.

Old Applix Forum

For those who are new to TM1 you may not be aware of the Applix TM1 forum. This forum had a plethora of knowledge and information for the TM1 novice & expert to reference. Sadly, since the Cognos acquisition the forum has been shutdown. However; thanks to Matt Goff and Martin Ryan most of the information has survived.


Notice of this database was posting on the TM1 expert forum.

You can find both of these site on the "links" section of this blog.

Matt & Martin we all thank and applaud you!


If it has not happened yet, it will. This post to to prepare you for when it happens again or for the first time.

A users or yourself loads or clears data on accident. Going to the nightly backup is not desirable due to significant activity in TM1 during the day, resulting in lost data and a disgruntled CFO.

1) Pray that the cube has logging enabled. (Which is recommend for all of your critical cubes.)
If yes continue to step 2.
If no curse the day, retrieve your nightly backup, reload the .cub file, and enable logging.
2) Right click TM1 Server
3) Select Transaction Log
4) Input Query Parameters (User, Cube(s), & Time)
5) Click OK
6) Select Edit in Transaction window that appears
7) Select Select All
8) Select Edit Again
9) Select Backout (This will undo all the entries that have been selected.)

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TM1 Capacity Constraints

This post is to clear up the topic of TM1's RAM based technology capacity constraints.

  • Standard 32 Bit OS running TM1 32 Bit is limited to 2GB.
  • Newer 32 Bit OS running TM1 32 Bit is limited to 3GB; however, the server need to be properly configured.
  • 64 Bit OS running TM1 32 Bit is limited to 4GB.
  • 64 Bit OS running TM1 64 bit is theoretically unlimited; however, hardware will be a constraint.
Additional Note
  1. Upgrading to TM1 v9.1 will most likely in increase RAM consumption 10% - 20%
  2. Moving from TM1 32 Bit to TM1 64 Bit will most likely double your RAM consumption.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TM1 Popularity

Hits for TM1 by Country based off of Google page counts by country with the keyword TM1.

AOD Shutdown

Applix On Demand will be Shutdown on 3/28/2008.

Monday, January 28, 2008

TM1 and Excel Shut Down for No Reason

While working in TM1 I was in subset editor and clicked the keep button and all of a sudden TM1, and Excel disappear. I loose all my spreadsheet I have open. There isn't even a chance for the auto recover to save me. After getting over the frustration I go back into excel and get back to work and it happens again. I do not know why it happens, but here is how you can fix it.

1)Closed all running application.
2)Deleted C:\document and Settings\"User"\Application data\Applix\TM1\tm1p.ini.
*Location can change is you are running a updated version of TM1 under the Cognos directory.
3)Started Excel.
a) Received an Error.
b) Clicked OK.
4)Opened Server Explorer.
a) Error cannot locate admin host.
b) Clicked OK.
5)In Server Explorer went to File>>> Options.
6)typed in Admin Host name.
a)Update other settings in options you may want.
7)Click OK.
8) Works like a charm.
*I did loosed stored local servers in the options drop down but that is easy to fix.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Citrix Introduction

Most companies are becoming global and only have their TM1 Server in one location, but want users connected to the WAN to access TM1. A common solution is to setup Citrix, but most IT departments are not aware of the proper settings.

In the post to follow I will walk through setting up

  1. Local Users
  2. Domain Users
  3. Citrix Farm

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Feed Strings Follow-Up

After posting about feeding strings I realized I needed to discuss feeders a little further. When feeding all elements: consolidations, leaf , and strings elements it is possible you will notice everything is not feeding. I suggest checking you configuration file on the server, tm1s.cfg. Be sure the following exist.


Hopefully you are reading this before you have not pulled out all of your hair trying to find an error in your rules that are accurate.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


SnagIt is a great tool for screen capture and creating training videos. As a Administrator for TM1 or a users. You will find this tool extremely helpful. Also as a stroke of luck SnagIt is currently offering free licenses.

Give me SnagIt for Free

Friday, December 28, 2007

Feeding String

Most of the time in TM1 rules and feeders revolve around numbers and computations. However, the time has come and y0u are now feeding strings, but for some reason it is not working and you do not know why. In line 1 of your rules put the following and you will be good to go.


David Allen - Free GTD Articles

David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, has posted some free articles that are worth reading. The articles are not related to TM1, but they can add value to you as a professional.


  • 5 Phases
  • Stalking the Wild Projects
  • Palm
  • Are You Micro-Managing Your Mind?
  • The Weekly Review
  • The Coach as Personal Trainer
  • The Threefold Nature of Work
  • Make It Up and Make It Happen
  • Organizing a Paper Organizer
  • The Productivity Investments
  • General Reference Filing
  • The Tickler File
  • Overtime... All the Time
  • Managing Work on a Vacation
  • Personal Inventory Control
  • Workflow Diagram
  • Workflow Advanced
Click Here for Articles

Thursday, December 27, 2007

PWC's 2007 Budgeting and Forecasting Study

A Partner at PWC, Gary Apanaschik, did a study on Budgeting and Forecasting for 2007. It discusses the trials and tribulations executives are facing today. There is defiantly a need for companies to utilize all of the potential TM1 has to offer.

Click Here for Study

New Rule Editor

Finally TM1 has beefed up it's new rule editor.


  1. Find and Replace.
  2. Indicator for changes made not yet saved.
  3. Insert Function wizard.
Images below courtesy of Allan Kirk

Cognos Release TM1 9.1 SP3

On December 18, 2007 Cognos released TM1 9.1 SP3